My First Day At Work And I Got A Bonus!

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It was a very memorable day when I first joined my work in Osaka. It’s a beautiful city in Japan and I didn’t know anyone there. As a newcomer, I wondered here and there at night clubs and restaurants. How would I know, that my search for a perfect hook up will end up at my workplace. I was very bad speaking Japanese. That’s why I was quite nervous while making new friends in the city. I searched for partners in various japan dating sites but it didn’t work well. Finally, on my first day at work, I met Izumi.

We were alone in an elevator

She was such a humble person. As a senior college, she guided me throughout my workplace and introduced me to others. Things were quite normal until we left for home together. We were in an elevator, coming down from 37th floor. Suddenly, the lift stopped moving. There was a power failure at the office and we got panicked.

A dreamy sequence

She was so afraid in the dark that she hugged me tight and I felt her soft bosoms on my chest. Being a little courageous, I hugged her tightly in my arms and told her that everything is going to be ok. She smelled very nice. I smelled her hair and instantly got turned on by the flowery smell. I closed my eyes and saw that I am with Izumi in an unknown Japanese garden, waling totally naked together, holding each other’s hands.

A dream that came true, well almost

I suddenly got courage to kiss her on the lips and she was not offended. Rather she was behaving like this little elevator fun is helping her to overcome her fears. I was on a double mission. First I asked her if she want to go for a date. That was my dream of perfect japan dating, that she was readily accepted. The, we both came closer and she enjoyed every moment. Later in the evening, we went to a nearby club and danced like a romantic couple. I also dropped her home which was just two blocks away from my apartment. Finally I got a bonus on my first day at work when she invited me for a coffee at her home.


A Day In Saitama Was Wilder Than My Wildest Dreams

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Saitama is a metro city in Japan. It is a beautiful city showcasing the modern Japanese culture and traditions. The nightlife in Saitama is also very great. I had an awesome experience one day. I have never been a stalker in all my life but that day I was something else. Any stalker would envy what happened to me on the evening in Saitama. My office was in Tokyo but I lived in a rented apartment in Saitama as it comes really cheap. It’s only a half an hour train journey to the Tokyo city from Saitama. One Friday evening, after returning from office, I went for a drink at the nearby bar.

It all started with a drink

Modern Japanese girls party a lot. They liked to get hooked up buy a foreign guy for sex. Some are really smart and they always look for rich foreign guys. I knew it before that any japan dating may end up losing all your money. I was alert and kept a low profile at the bar. Suddenly, two girls came at the counter and stood just beside me. Conversation started in a casual way and surprisingly they offered me a special drink.

Guest hospitality in Saitama

I never knew that Japs are open for sex with a stranger until I met Kazumi and Keiko, the two siblings. Our conversation took a wilder turn, when we talked about relationships and sex. I asked them about what they do for fun. They told me their widest hook up stories and in every story, there was a common thing. They both had sex together with a handsome young foreign tourist. I was in deep trouble as I am a shy person. I didn’t get a hint that they had planned the same thing for me!

It takes three to tango

Once I had fantasies of having sex with two girls. This is a common fetish for most of the young guys who are shy but they have a strong sense of desire inside. I was one of them and I had never imagined a blind japan dating can end up with a threesome! We went out of the bar and they took me to a nearby hotel. We booked a double bed room and ordered some more wine. The fun started as we danced together and the girls took off their clothes one by one.


A Happy Ending To A Perfect Japanese Dinner

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Kiyoko was such a sweet heart since our college days. We were studying in the same college in Yokohama. I was in a scholarship study tour in Japan for 3 long years. Kiyoko made me feel like home. She arranged everything for me. Still I was feeling alone and never went for a japan dating dinner until one day; she invited me for a dinner at her home. She lived with her parents and they were pretty traditional I knew it from the beginning. I didn’t have a kimono to wear but she arranged it for me from one of her male friend. Finally, the day came and I tried to be as decent as I can.

A smooth escape from her parents

Kiyoko told me earlier not to act like a Japanese young man in front of her parents. She told me to be just the way I am as an American. She also told me to talk slowly as her parents do not understand English properly. I came and entered her home. I greeted her parents traditionally. They were quiet welcoming and I never had an idea before of how it feels to go at a japan dating dinner invitation. Kiyoko managed to lift me up from her parents’ room, and we went to see her room. Her parents readily agreed and it was a smooth escape!

The roommate game

In Yokohama, the Japanese homes are traditional. She had a ground bed at the center of her room. The room was surrounded by bamboo made doors and shutters. She also had some origami artwork at her desk. I roamed around her room for a couple of minutes and tried to know about the stuffs she had. She was quiet helpful and told me everything about Japanese rooms that I didn’t know. The spark came when she told me to sit on her bed. She complimented my dress and told me that I am looking cute. The roommate game took a naughty turn afterwards. We were college mates and I knew that she had a hidden flame for me. I was just waiting for the right time to make her my own. I never thought the time will come this way. Her parents were waiting at the dinner table and we had something else planned for us! However, it just happened with a flow. I did not have such intentions to get physical with her. She was not too skinny like the other Japanese girl. Kiyoko had a nice figure like we see it in japanese webcam girls.

What’s hidden inside her books?

I walked towards her study desk. There I saw some study books. She was doing something else so she did not pay any hid. I took a book and turning the pages. It was a sweet accident when I found a Japanese Hentai movie DVD inside the book. I asked her about it. She was quiet embarrassed. I told her I want to watch it. First, she was not letting me watch the movie but at last I somehow managed to get her approval. The movie was about a japan dating couple that went wild after a nice evening dinner at the girl’s home. Something went between us but the time too short. We started making out quickly to satisfy each other. She was very kinky and I couldn’t control my emotion. I came in her mouth like the way we saw it in the movie. I was very happy after this short blowjob session followed by the dinner with her parents. The food was really tasty and I was starving.


When I First Met Kiyomi – A Real Story

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Life is unpredictable and you never know what might happen next. I have never dated a girl before I met Kiyomi. This inexperience of mine paid well on my first dating occasion with Kiyomi.

When it all started

She is a really sweet and sexy Japanese girl. I first asked her the meaning of her name while chatting on a japan dating site. She said it means pure beauty! I went a little naughty and asked her, ‘how pure’! She quickly got my point and replied me if I want to see that in person. I was shocked. I was in a deep awe until she gave her number and invited me for a coffee near are office.

Arrived on time

I was lucky that I was in Tokyo that time for an official business contract. Her workplace was only a 30 minutes’ drive from my hotel. Prepared myself thoughtfully, I went there to meet her at the right time. A Japanese woman don’t like to wait for long, they will find another guy if you are too late. But this never happened with me and I gifted her flower bouquet.

Dating in Tokyo always have happy ending

To her utter surprise, I smelled her shoulder in a decent manner and told her that I liked her sensuous flavor. Things went well and bold when our first dating ended at her bedroom! And trust me it was purely erotic.